“the origin or mode of formation of something.”

This is the start of something. I’m not even sure of what that something is yet – but it had to be done.

For years now I have wanted to have my own blog. But I’ve always been hesitant – partly because I have never settled on a purpose or theme for it – but also because of self doubt and fear of bearing my soul. Many times I have installed WordPress, played with various themes, created a test post and then left it as a sad unfinished site or more often deleted it in it’s entirety.

But I’ve had it with being a consumer. I want to be a creator. I need to evolve, improve and learn. The only way I am going to do that is by posting stuff. Any stuff. What have I got to lose?

Welcome to my blog*

* Please bear with me while I work on my hand-crafted, minimalist theme – it’s not until I post content will I know what needs fixing 😉